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The dove that bake when there also is oven without barbecue wearing already inside the home, have a microwave oven only, and microwave oven itself heats namely alimental, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can not bake these things, so everybody is met very kink should not eat the dove that bake after all, actually the dove that bake uses microwave oven is possible all the same, the condition that should allow in power only falls to be able to make the dove that bake, but specific the size that bakes the time that make to want to see power.

Microwave oven bakes the practice of dove

Microwave oven bakes dove how long

Microwave oven much high-power. General half word is done 20 minutes decided.

Want to bake dove deliciously, be about to allowSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The condiment that has had, occupy taste to be able to make the baking dove of a variety of taste, when making food, should prepare dove first, bake according to measure again, brush again at the same time on condiment, the delicate dove that bake appeared.

Microwave oven bakes the practice of dove

FlavoringShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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: Sanded ginger pink 10 grams, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Malt phenol 20 grams, salt 50 grams, fleshy treasure king 30 grams, flavour pink 50 grams. (This is 10 dove dosage)

Microwave oven bakes the practice of dove


1, vivid dove bloodlettings, direct flay, splanchnic, clear water is rinsed, eliminate fishy smell.

2, wipe flavoring on dove body equably, repeat a few times (make its even tasty) , place bloat be soiled reserves 15 minutes.

3, lap with oilpaper first dove, include a silver paper again next, enter charcoal of the lid in the basin (with the practice one in 20-25 of bureau of measure 4) fire minute (most 25 minutes of) .

4, paper is opened after baking good dove, take out furnace of wave of direct in a subtle way to bake 6-8 minute can.

Microwave oven bakes the practice of dove

Charcoal burns the practice of dove

Shanghai Long Feng forum

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1, first dove butcher, go the head bloodlettings (better than the Guang Ge mouthfeel that buys directly) , rinse clean with little running water, take out fishy smell reserves.

2, all flavoring are smooth, for better tasty, with new one-time medical injector notes flavoring into columbine flesh larger chest part.

3, wool of dove of the firebrand that use charcoal is baked, next take out a few miscellaneous wool, take out butter and splanchnic, replace of liver, heart, gizzard is in formerly.

4, charcoal baked wheaten cake is knocked until doing not have bright fire broken, take one part shop to be by the basin, place the dove of take out miscellaneous wool intoFall in love with the sea

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On the charcoal in the basin, lid of the rest charcoal is in 15-20 of bureau of dove get angry minute (time according to charcoal flaming degree, most 20 minutes) .

5, good igneous bureau dove flay (what this vegetable takes is dove flesh is dry sweet, so the skin wants take out) , in putting salt solution (can have antiseptic effect) brush scrub with wool, bits of take out charcoal, with last velar bag good refrigeration is saved, two mouthfeel is best in the day.

6, on balm is brushed before the desk, bake 6 minutes to be become namely into microwave oven medium baking temperature.

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