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Black rice is the rice with a kind of more expensive price, this kind of rice medicine is fed with the source, its nutrition value is very high, byForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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People calls Hei Zhenzhu, can a lot of cate come to make it eat, boil black rice congee to eat for instance, this has a lot of profit to health, have the effect that combats consenescence for instance, so broad females like to have black rice, still can assist remedial hypoglycemia and hypertension to wait a moment additionally, how much is the quantity of heat of black rice biscuit probably?

How much is the quantity of heat of black rice biscuit?

The quantity of heat of black rice biscuit:

Black rice: Black rice is a kind of medicine, feed hold used rice concurrently, mi Zhijia. Black rice cultivates all previous1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Shi You is long, it is China is old and rare paddy breed. According to legend is apart from today when the Han Wu emperor more than 2000 years ago, hope to await piece of Qian Zuixian to discover by rich. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks black rice has remarkable officinal value, ancient farming cure secretary carries: Black rice ” filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, gymnastical warm stomach, bright eye invigorate the circulation of blood ” , “Bowel of clear liver embellish ” , “Essence of slippery wet beneficial, muscle of filling lung delay ” wait for effect; New fall in love withLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Board, to disease of tinnitus of aching and limp of genu of dazed dazzled, anaemic white hair, waist, moon blindness, curative effect You Jia. Long-term edible but prolong life. Accordingly, people common says: “Medical rice ” , ” macrobian rice ” . Because it is the most comfortable,wait at pregnant woman, puerpera enrich the blood with, say again ” lunar rice ” , ” enrich the blood rice ” etc.

How much is the quantity of heat of black rice biscuit?

Raw material: Black rice half cups, flour two cups, milk 180 milliliter, egg, salt 3/4 small spoon, white sugar two big spoon, send dry yeast namely one small spoon, olive oil two big spoon.


1, black rice of old treasure an ancient nationality in China shifts to an earlier date bubble overnight, the scale with rice is 1: 2, discharge cooks rice in meal Bao, put cool reserve.

2, according to first the hypostatic order after the liquid, tell all material to be put into bread machine.

3, press rice biscuit key, after two many hours, appetizing black rice biscuit gives heat!

Black meter biscuit

Raw material

Tall muscle flour

65 grams lukewarm

0.25 small spoon work yeasty

2 big spoon saccharic

0.25 small spoon salt

80 grams black rice

15 gram butter

Flour of 200 grams tall muscle.

120 grams warm water.

0.5 grams do yeast.

How much is the quantity of heat of black rice biscuit?

The method that make

1, Yu Wenshui of will dry yeasty dissolve, rejoin arrives in flour of 100 grams tall muscle, knead into dough

Put this dough in room temperature to allot ferment 6-8 hour, to original 2-2.5 times big left and right sides, the platoon goes major gas, with last since in bags, put freezer to refrigerate stand-by

2, take out the old side that has made ahead of schedule, rip small to perhaps become strip to rub, cut with the knife small piece

Again will advocate the other data beyond butter and black rice and the old side that rip small are divided in dough put together, kneadLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Round, join butter again, knead slowly into dough, wait for butter to be absorbed completely enter dough, will black rice is joined, knead into dough can.

3, the dough that has kneaded puts warm and wet place to undertake fermenting for the first time to so 2.5 arrive 3 times control greatly

Ferment good dough is taken out, break up 2 minutes, arrange bicephalous needle intermediate big Chinese olive state, attack in dough surface thin thin flour of a tall muscle, will bake on dough platoon dish, put warm and wet place to undertake the 2nd times fermenting to 2 times more original big left and right sides, the knife that use profit controls each to delimit sideways in dough surface a few knives.

4, oven warm-up 21000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
00 degrees, oven middle-level 15-18 or so minutes can.

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