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Bovine tenderloin and pig tenderloin rise quite more can strong line, the price of bovine tenderloin is so a few more expensive also. But no matter be which kind of animals, the tenderloin flesh that goes up personally is a flesh that points to a back to go up, the flesh of this place is very much, and be lean lean for the most part, so processing rises very convenient also. The cooked food of the daily life of a family that and bovine tenderloin also can make consummate makes a variety of differring, but what pattern should be cut when handling flowmeterFall in love with the sea

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How is bovine tenderloin cut

1, the fat of on cut away tenderloin many Yu and fleshy muscle. If you think save trouble, or you never had cut the flesh, then you had better choose flay, go the thin tenderloin of connective tissue. If you won’t be cutA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Word, the meeting that cut the flesh becomes very difficult.

2, thin tenderloin needs to cut a bit fat or fleshy muscle only. Raise a tenderloin with the hand, with finger winkle fat and fleshy muscle, next cut away they. Until all canFall in love with the sea

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Seeing fat and fleshy muscle till cut away.

How is bovine tenderloin cut

3, find contain film of a string of sarcous. Cut away most thisLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Piece the meat with the best fertilizer, aspic rises to be used later.

4, cut away is main the one chunk flesh on bone, namely chateaubriand. The bag rises put away, later reoccupy. Chateaubriand is a very good flesh, in can be being used in all sorts of dish to taste.

5, tenderloin of the hilt that use food is cut two half (optionalFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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) . If you never cook crosses tenderloin, or you need partial tenderloin only enough, must make this one step soForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
. Rectify a tenderloin to weigh 2.72kg about commonly, it is the heft of 10 people eat.

How is bovine tenderloin cut

6, among them half tenderloin is put in glacial ark or freezer, later again cook. Tenderloin is put in freezer to be able to be saved very long.

Each person is different to alimental requirement, but right to each person cate cannot be defied, so we choose as far as possible in choice alimental moment fresh as good as mouthfeel, be about to master regular method, the what kind of tenderloin that place of hope above paragraphs says can bring certain help to everybody very much.

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