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The major area that is in our country has the habit that has chaffy dish, and the sort of chaffy dish is very much, hot with not hot OK also and free choice, among them crab chaffy dish can say is a more classical sort. Although call a crab chaffy dish, but also not be to have crab only, still can choose a variety of food one case rinse, it is OK to eat crab chaffy dish to need about 4 to go to 5 only commonly, the chooses a few him love to eat green vegetables that remain and flesh kind.

 Crab chaffy dish

Makings: Crab 4 only


Big Chongqing footing 200 grams, jiang Pian 1 2, gourmet powder 20 grams, oily 2 2, liquor 2 2, lees 2 2, white peppery a few, salt is right amount.

Balm bowl expects:

Mashed garlic balm adds bit of gourmet powder agitate even, rinse flesh bowl expects also but.


The boiler since 1. puts oil advocate makings, burden stir-fry before stewing fries a fragrance, turn on the water right amount medium baking temperature is boiled 5, 10 minutes, fall into chaffy dish, drive scald thin slices of meat in boiling water!

2. rinse what is OK, if can eatFall in love with the sea

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, like: ?

The answer complements

Advocate makings: Fleshy crab

Condiment: Oil of essence of green, salt, white sugar, liquor, dry chili, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, Chinese prickly ash, chicken, edible

Practice 1:

1. puts fleshy crab in household utensils to add right amount white spirit, cheek goes after crab is drunkForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
, stomach, bowel cuts agglomerate;

2. general green, Jiang Xi is clean, green is cut paragraph, jiang Qie becomes a;

3. sits boiler ignition puts oil, oil comes 3 when becoming heat, when putting Chinese prickly ash, dry chili to fry a hemp hot fragrance, join Jiang Pian, green paragraph, crab piece, break up into cooking wine, vinegar, white sugar, salt fry give boiler to be fed namely equably.

Practice 2: Characteristic: Hemp, sweet, bright. Prepare vivid crab 1 jin of above, see the size of your boiler, pannikin buys a place less. Green, ginger, garlic, sichuan often does Mom thick chili sauce a bottle (the did not sell) of 0, soy, vinegar, candy, salt, chinese prickly ash, chili, anise aniseed, sweet leaf, cooking wine, the chaffy dish footing that still has a bag of Sichuan (a kind that when carry red oil, not be condiment, be sure to keep in mind) with caraway end. These have in the supermarket, after getting ready, can begin to cook


Heat is burned in pouring 3 two oil to boiler (the amount that sees crab, much much) , put Chinese prickly ash and chili in hot oil to explode first, etc come out when choke person eye and guttural flavour, join Sichuan thick chili sauce to break up fry, do not paper boiler, green is joined when having sweet smell, garlic and ginger, continue to be fried a little while, will vivid crab falls into boiler, upper cover, shake boiler, make the condiment such as oil in immerge crab, in the process that crab is struggling also will many flavour is inspiratory oneself body, what will increase it is delicate. When waiting for crab decoct to fry Titian, enter soy to the middle of boiler, salt, candy and wine a few, do a bit break up after frying, enter Wen Shui, put sweet leaf, anise aniseed, cooking wine and chaffy dish footing a small. Continue to heat about 15 minutes can. Whole process is very simple, taste is good also, duration and time treat his condition, like some more fresh and tender, accelerate bit of rhythm.

 Crab chaffy dish

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When giving boiler, put bit of caraway endNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, flavour and color are met any better.

Practice 3: Raw material: Dry Chinese prickly ash of section of short dry chili often does green of Xi Qin of fleshy crab unripe pink Mom garlic valve willLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Piece oh practice: Chop of fleshy crab hull piece souse (clump, ginger, cooking wine, peppery) ; garlic valve is cut thick piece stand-by

Crab flesh is in a powder. The blast in issueing the 78 oil that become heat (control 3 times repeatedly, requirement crisp) remove boiler stir-fry before stewing additionally to fry dry Chinese prickly ash, chili. (Copy a bit) next crab, green ginger, xi Qin, garlic get angry is fried again. Next old dry Mom after chili becomes angry continue. Till all sorts of flavour whole trail is scattered on ripe sesame seed gives boiler to install dish. Characteristic: Hot and do not list. Fragrance is rich. Flavour is simple and honest. The aftertaste is long. Fleshy case is fed together, crisp is goluptious, nutrition is rich. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

Eat crab trilogy:

Fry the cent of sweet hot crab after making to be 3 parts: Clamp of body of crab carapace, crab, crab. Other inedible part, already was kept clear of when rough machining. 3 sections are separate already, crab body is divided normally piece differ.


Crab carapace eats first. When hot crab is very popular at the beginning of a few people, do not know how to take case, be abandoned and do not eat, can be huge loss and waste really. Circumjacent circuit is hiding the ovary and digestive glands of the crab in some crab carapace, usable chopstick is carried come down to eat, and if be like your tooth to still go, masticatory crab carapace has taste more beneficial healthy thing. Bite carapace of a crab, chew slowly, can experience a variety of 40 condiment adequately already, the calcium that still can abound for your complement is qualitative.

 Crab chaffy dish

Next edible crab body. Need not of any tools help, use only stretch the mouth to bite on one, tender slip in the mouth that delicious crab flesh can squeeze into you. When biting again, if feel flavour is insufficient still, dip in bit of condiments, can let you be experienced again delicious with be in harmony of welcome hot look magical experience. The small crab claw on crab body also was not thrown, the flesh inside is tenderer brighter, do not have local color one time.

Crab clamp was knocked to break commonly, flavour dip must be appeared quite, taste also do not expend what kongfu. How to just eat neatly, to the queen’s taste, have to * your own skill.

Most of cruel having a way is:

Match a cup of red wine, the edge drinks an edge to be very popular hot crab, allegedly red wine can render palatable, but that is delicious clinking supreme enjoy!

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