” invisible the person that guard ” in have many beautiful female part, for instance bad woman Zhuang Xiaoman, for instance land looks at easy, for instance Zhuang Min… but should say among them most let popular feeling ache, cane of affirmative blame fierce is pure child not belong to. Pure recently child allow of actor Pan inscr上海贵族宝贝论坛

iption () of Pan Pan of the following abbreviation, oneself spoke of on the net filming the hardships course in the process. To Pan Pan, her impression is the deepest is to pat help mulberry line Li Chunzi up to be broken by Xiao Tu in Zhu Lin facial play, because be written on the play, is ” pure child be stabbed by the knife, lie on上海千花网论坛

the ground, the Chao Chunzi of firm of firm of the stone since the end that be like road was bungled to go down… ” filming so this gut when, director for reductive 上海同城对对碰交友社区

gut, want to appear for a time piece pure child the picture of face be breakinged, still communicating with makeup effect group even how to give pure child badly mutilated specially good effect makes up on the face. Later because film difficulty is too great wait for a problem and abandon, let direct a heart to have unwilling, until when killing b上海龙凤论坛

lueness, he returns pair of Pan Pan Shui: “Did not see your face is broken the picture of Cheng Chunzi sauce, too regretful ” , rangpanpan finds both funny and annoying. In addition, rescue in Home Feng Yixian pure child that paragraph of show also makes Pan Pan impressive. That penetralia play was patted full 3 days of 3 night, film the environment still is a penetralia. Because want to make by the condition of baked wheaten cake, so penetralia nodded cake of a lot of smoke, after be being patted, everybody voice aches dumb. Adding arsis to photograph time is September, the weather is hotter, accordingly eye makeup is changed easily also, the midnight after arriving they are flat and direct element colour makes up burn. It is just about nevertheless below this kind of difficult situation, rangpanpanjiao must have era to enter very much feeling, what the mood comes out is very fast also, film finally accordingly achievement is first-rate. Pan P上海千花网

an plaints, look now the working manner with this kind of perfect requirement of the director and means, achieved the result really, although process hardships, but made the work that makes everybody satisfactory, feel paid 上海贵族宝贝

trouble was worth!

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